rk supply chain delivers exceptional talent to multiple industries and sectors within the following disciplines:
  • Procurement & Purchasing
  • Supply Chain Planning & Management
  • Operations & Project Management
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Materials & Inventory Management

Let's Talk Supply Chain...

The term Supply Chain has been used to describe a multitude of functions ranging from transportation and warehousing to all the stages between raw materials and the end consumer.

Supply Chains however, setting aside the Harvard definitions are as simple or as complex as the organizations that create them. A farmer selling produce from the side of the road has a simple but effective supply chain, whereas the Global manufacturer selling multiple products across many geographical zones has layers of divisions and sub businesses as well as possible sub contract suppliers to ensure their products arrive in the hands of their consumers.

Ultimately any product that is grown, built, shaped, packaged or designed and presented in a forum where it is purchased, acquired, improved, re-sold or consumed has passed through some or all of the components of a Supply Chain.

A greater demand, an increase in choice and an expansion of consumers is resulting in the growth of the improved effectiveness of these Supply Chains and we’re the recruitment business that finds the candidates that are effecting this change.

I had the pleasure utilizing Duncan's services at rk supply chain for the first time only recently. Right out of the gate he came across as a personable and driven individual. He was quickly able to determine the type of person we were looking for, and within days had identified several very qualified recruits. He was able to achieve in less than a week what a different recruiter had failed to achieve in months. Lucky? I don't think so... Results speak for themselves.
- SE, Director of Procurement, Global Distribution Organization